9V 1.5A voltage regulator module with full wave bridge rectifier LM7809 L7809

LM7809 voltage regulation module, 9V 1.5A output, 12-24V DC or 9 - 16V AC input. Dual 35V 220uF capacitor on output. High power bridge on input (3A), heatsink, screw terminals. Can handle both DC and AC input, this module will provide a smooth filtered and steady 9V output.

3,20 € TTC


  • 3A rectifier bridge (AC, DC)
  • Double 35V 220UF high withstand voltage capacitor (buffer filter)
  • high-quality radiator(enhance the heat dissipation)
  • 1.5A high current chip
  • Module size: 43mm * 20mm
  • Input voltage (withstand voltage): DC 12~24V  &  AC 9~16V
  • Load regulation: 100mV
  • Quiescent current: 8mA
  • Output noise voltage: 42uV
  • Input and output differential pressure: 2V
  • Output impedance: 15mΩ
  • Peak current: 1.5A


Audio, DIY power supply, industrial power supply, experimental power, camera power, automotive power, communications equipment power supply etc.


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