WS2811 Module RGB5050 LED RGB 800kbps Maple Arduino STM32 Neopixel SW2811B

1,36 € TTC

Le module 5050 WS2811 offre de tres bonnes performances : 16 millions de couleurs, frequence de scan 400 Hz/S, raffraichissement jusqu'a 30 images secondes et 512 points, reception de données jusqu'a 800 Kbps. 

Ce module est composé de 1x LED RGB5050 WS2812B, 

RGB LED module based on the WS2811 5050 chipsets, combination of a control cicuit, a driver and an RGB led within the same 5050 package. Control is easy thanks to a single wire serial interface, it can be used by Arduino and other platforms. 

The WS2811 5050 Module offers very good performance : 16 million colors , scan frequency of 400 Hz / S, refresh rate up to 30 frames per second and 512 points, it receives data at a rate up to 800 Kbps.

This module consists of 1x LRGB5050 WS2811 LEDs, VCC is 5.0V.


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